God’s Gems

I love the rain!

I love the rain!

God kissed the earth with rain today

A blessing rich and bold

I count the gems in their sparkling array

Never ceasing to behold

Life’s gift provided as I pray

His love each droplet holds.


Going to Town!

I used to find that going to town elicited a feeling of anticipation and excitement.  What will I buy; a new dress, a new chair, knickknacks or a book?  Those were fun days and I look back on them with a fond remembrance of time spent with children, sisters, friends, and parents but the thrill of the hunt is now a feeling of dread and I feel an intense longing to stay at home with a good book and cup(s) of coffee!  What changed?  Instead of the beauty of each moment spent frantically looking for something to buy, I now feel a strong desire to commune with God and revere His majestic creation.

Concurrently, I feel more creative and watch amazed as that creativity blossoms and grows.  I’m not talking about having a tremendous gift for anything creative, but rather the allowing of God’s genius to flow through me in very small increments!  I’m not a naturally gifted artist, musician, student; you get the idea, but I do thrill at experiencing something greater than myself within me.  Wow!  When I know without a doubt that the result is not of my ability or making, I’m overwhelmed with the need to praise God!  Lord, I praise your name, and thank you for helping me find relief from the endless monotony of going to town!

Holy Spirit Stained Glass

Holy Spirit Stained Glass (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)