Going to Town!

I used to find that going to town elicited a feeling of anticipation and excitement.  What will I buy; a new dress, a new chair, knickknacks or a book?  Those were fun days and I look back on them with a fond remembrance of time spent with children, sisters, friends, and parents but the thrill of the hunt is now a feeling of dread and I feel an intense longing to stay at home with a good book and cup(s) of coffee!  What changed?  Instead of the beauty of each moment spent frantically looking for something to buy, I now feel a strong desire to commune with God and revere His majestic creation.

Concurrently, I feel more creative and watch amazed as that creativity blossoms and grows.  I’m not talking about having a tremendous gift for anything creative, but rather the allowing of God’s genius to flow through me in very small increments!  I’m not a naturally gifted artist, musician, student; you get the idea, but I do thrill at experiencing something greater than myself within me.  Wow!  When I know without a doubt that the result is not of my ability or making, I’m overwhelmed with the need to praise God!  Lord, I praise your name, and thank you for helping me find relief from the endless monotony of going to town!

Holy Spirit Stained Glass

Holy Spirit Stained Glass (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)


5 thoughts on “Going to Town!

  1. I have found that in this stage of my life I want to acquire less – and give away more! I don’t really feel like I need any more “things” than what I have, and I feel that it is time to lighten my load and give away things that I am not actively using. I want to share with those who aren’t as fortunate and need things, especially here where people are still suffering the damaging effects of hurricane Sandy. Your first thoughts about going to town to shop made me think of how differently I think of shopping these days, too.

    • I’m humbled by your generous spirit. It’s amazing how quickly I forget about the disasters experienced in different parts of the world. Thank you for the reminder to remain faithful in generosity, gratefulness, and compassion.

  2. How true,how true! All of us participated. What is marvelous is that we have grown beyond the need to define ourselves by possessions. Praise God! I give credit to Him beyond doubt. My participation in that miracle came from the manuscript I’ve been working on for so long. Keep up the good work.

  3. Ecclesiastes 3 is often with me: “For everything there is a season…” It seams that the more I read, work, and go through my day I hear God reminding me that I am His and only His. He is a jealous God. I spend too much of my time with things that have distracted me from His purpose. Only God can provide me with real joy and contentment. I am lost, empty and without a rudder if He isn’t there. While I have had moments of enjoying shopping, it has never been a real joy for me. I have found that the longer I live, that I want less and find less pleasure in the things that used to be important. I am more aware that my life is temporal and God’s love is all I need or want. You are on the right track. Enjoy the simple pleasure of a cup of coffee and just listen to His voice. Love you.

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