I live in a high-desert area where the color green is in short supply!  That is why I love the spring!  Our fields are green and trees are budding.  Unfortunately, the prairie dogs ate the 100 bulbs my sister planted last fall!  I’m learning that country living is all about learning to coexist!

I watched a Scottish Highlander cow calving today and felt as if the world around me had been reborn.  I had never been a witness to the birthing process from beginning to end with our cows because generally they calve effortlessly.  My sister, husband and I watched as she competently gave birth to a healthy calf.  We felt like members of the herd as the other cows seemed to come from nowhere, surrounding us and greeting this cow and her new calf, one of five this spring.  It was a miraculous moment!The start of the maternal bonding.

My husband successfully hatched 13 chicks this year and we’ve watched in amazement as they mature and feathers replace their down.  Our granddaughter has spent as much time as possible holding each in their first weeks of life.  It’s been a joy to see the wonder and awe so inherent in a child’s face as she pays homage to new life.

Our world is new again, and I give God the glory for rebirth and new life all around us.  My heart explodes in gratefulness for my rebirth and for His presence within which transforms.

Thank-you Lord!


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